Friday, 4 January 2013

Mono Printing is taking over my life!

Design Development

I am still in the design development stage and need to make the final decisions of what products I'm actually going to make for my final Degree show in June (eeekks!!!)

HAND in is 10th May 2013

 Mono printing has to be one of my techniques I just love the surprise of the print when lifting the screen up of the fabric!

Pattern applied and dried to screen 
First Print

Second Print
It amazes me every time, the colour difference I love both and think they work really well printed on the crisp white Egyptian cotton

Colour was fixed using a hot iron then Manutex was rinse . Hand embroidery was applied to embelish, using french knots (2 hours worth) in a co-ordinating coloured thread 

As above to the second print with a block of french knots to echo the left corner and a weave to echo the check pattern

These will work beautifully as framed pieces also I would love to develop onto scarfs.

I might find it hard to part with these though. Does anyone else feel like that with their finished pieces?



  1. It's great that you got so much from the workshop with me Jen, it wonderful to see it develop still further.
    Well Done!
    Dionne Swift

  2. Dionne , I have tried and developed in so many areas with the Applied arts as it covers so many techniques...... But with mono printing I love it... Colour has always been a strength and I love the fact that each print is totally individual and they come from within without predictability !
    Thank you