Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Opportunity !

This one is short but sweet!

My fellow full time students have just been handed a fantastic opportunity to get their names known in the art world.....

For their minor project they had to create Art Books depicting elements of their chosen dissertation. They then had a fantastic opportunity to showcase their work in Empty Shop Durham

To find out more info about Empty Shop click on this link and join them on facebook

To make it even more exciting a lady called Theresa Eastons has featured the show on her blog. For those who don't know, Teresa is a big player in the North East art scene, she gets out and about and manages loads of project (Thank You for the background information Carlos)

So not many pictures in this blog but for those of you who would love to see the work here is Theresa Easton's Blog for you to peruse. 

I can tell you I'm well jell !!
But can't wait to be featured along side this talented bunch at our Degree Show in June 2013.........

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