Friday, 30 November 2012

One Week Later

Well here I am after a sort of week off work (well Hairdressing!)
I am in the design development of my Final Major Project and what this really means is I've been playing all week!

I visited the Knitting & Stitching event in Harrogate and for once with this project in mind I was selective in what I actually bought, which was mainly fabric to print on but I also purchased some thread from Wonderfil it has been amazing to work with...........

Ta Dah!

Obviously it needs stretching but I love it !

How I achieved this is taking the layered theme horizontally (i.e. Princess and the Pea Bed) I wanted to layer 2D as well. 

Taking the above fabrics I shredded them with scissors 

I then placed my stencil on top of white Egyptian Cotton and mixed with SUPER MEND an iron on adhesive

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Pic.1 Stencil Pic. 2 adding shredded fabric
Pic. 3 Placing a fine nylon net over ironed on material
Pic. 4 After hand and machine embellishment

Showing different windows of development. I love the bottom left hand pic !
This, I feel in my bones, is something to develop further..... now to hoover all the ruminants of fabric from the floor!

Please post your feedback it gets lonely working on your own!

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