Friday, 5 April 2013

Degree Show Funding

As part of the Professional Practice element of our degree BA (Hons) Applied Art with Enterprise we as a group have to raise £120 each for our contribution to our final degree show in June.

The following shows our achievements so far 
(omitting the North Sea Dip which I opted out of but hats of to those that did it !)

Results from Raffle we held over Christmas
We all contributed presents to a hamper and set about selling tickets. The prize looked fantastic and I think we were ahead of the other students as we started earlier.
I raised £78 from clients it was easier for me I have a captive audience with the salon and with the rest of the group we raised nearly £300!


We arrange for professional photography 

Taken from ‘The Edge’ Facebook page
‘Jen & her fellow students are raising funds for their degree show next year. These are the raffle prizes 
1st prize the massive hamper which includes £100 to spend on services at The Edge Hair & Beauty, and lots of handmade crafts worth £250 in total.
2nd & 3rd prize are hampers from Body Shop worth £28 each!
£1 per strip available from salon and base room at CCAD Hartlepool.
You've got to be in it to win it !!’

My salon had donated a voucher for £100 and here are the results....
A textile student won and her and her family loved the prizes.. it was her 21st too !

Result of the prize winnings 

 Tombola held in Event week.

This was quieter than anticipated but we still raised £50 from this.

We will be continuing with the Tombola at various venues until all the prizes have been won

Guess the quantity of sweets in a jar?

We all contributed £4 and Ally went to spend the money on sweets!

We divided them up into thirds so I could have one just for the salon. 

I opted out of the North Sea dip so I needed to make up an extra £30 on this... It is ongoing and the winner will be notified on the 26th April.

The other jars are circulating CCAD and students families

If you would like to contribute please get in touch via this 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How long does it take to round up and finish a module? The professional practice element to this degree has been  great and informative but everything seems to be taking so much longer than planned..........................

Business card done- now back to everything else!

Monday, 1 April 2013

About me

After spending  loads of time setting pages for promotion of your business or as in my case businesses. What do you actually put on your business cards it could be a list a mile long!

During our Professional Practice lectures we learnt about the 'about me' page which stores all your info on one page then prospective interested parties can choose which link to  view and see what your are all about.

So here's me 

Friday, 4 January 2013

Mono Printing is taking over my life!

Design Development

I am still in the design development stage and need to make the final decisions of what products I'm actually going to make for my final Degree show in June (eeekks!!!)

HAND in is 10th May 2013

 Mono printing has to be one of my techniques I just love the surprise of the print when lifting the screen up of the fabric!

Pattern applied and dried to screen 
First Print

Second Print
It amazes me every time, the colour difference I love both and think they work really well printed on the crisp white Egyptian cotton

Colour was fixed using a hot iron then Manutex was rinse . Hand embroidery was applied to embelish, using french knots (2 hours worth) in a co-ordinating coloured thread 

As above to the second print with a block of french knots to echo the left corner and a weave to echo the check pattern

These will work beautifully as framed pieces also I would love to develop onto scarfs.

I might find it hard to part with these though. Does anyone else feel like that with their finished pieces?


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Opportunity !

This one is short but sweet!

My fellow full time students have just been handed a fantastic opportunity to get their names known in the art world.....

For their minor project they had to create Art Books depicting elements of their chosen dissertation. They then had a fantastic opportunity to showcase their work in Empty Shop Durham

To find out more info about Empty Shop click on this link and join them on facebook

To make it even more exciting a lady called Theresa Eastons has featured the show on her blog. For those who don't know, Teresa is a big player in the North East art scene, she gets out and about and manages loads of project (Thank You for the background information Carlos)

So not many pictures in this blog but for those of you who would love to see the work here is Theresa Easton's Blog for you to peruse. 

I can tell you I'm well jell !!
But can't wait to be featured along side this talented bunch at our Degree Show in June 2013.........

Monday, 3 December 2012

Snippets of Dionne Swift Online Screen Print Workshop

Dear Dionne Swift...........

My online learning experience has come to end BUT I will be taking forward the new skills I have learnt from Dionne Swift

This course has given me the freedom to learn in my own time and set up the equipment I can use again and again in my own studio. 

I thought I would miss out not being within a hub of creativity but this really hasn't been the case. Fellow students upload to Flickr so we can all see and comment on each others work. It helped that I had my own project to inspire me but Dionne Swift provides visual inspiration also. 

Dionne Swift shares her wealth of knowledge with helpful hints and tips. As well as being able to provide the materials you will need and has provided information on how to make your printing table. The video for each stage you access via a password comprehensibly covers everything you need to know.  

Session 1  - equipment and setting up a suitable studio space
Session 2 - mixing dyes and printing pastes
Session 3 - printing technique: stencils
Session 4 - printing technique: flour paste
Session 5 - printing technique: monoprinting
Session 6 - printing technique: breakdown
Session 7 - processing your cloth

Mixing of colours
My first attempt at Stencil Printing
A little seepage on lines practice can only make perfect!
Love the colour variation result when adding to each stencil screen print

I tried the Breakdown Printing next

On the left showing the catalogue of marks
To the right after printing with yellow mixed in the manutex

Row of print, lighter ones with clear manutex, other as above

I added a deeper orange to manutex in a few prints then added hand embroidery to embellish

Today I have experimented with Mono-printing and I can see why Dionne Swift describes this as addictive.... I'm hooked!

Screen is painted on and left to dry, you can be really free with this method and use your drawing and mark making skills, the colour will fade with the drying process

It re-appears like magic when the clear manutex is applied. I have only got one print using this method so it makes it really unique and would be difficult to replicate, I agree with Dionne Swift when she says "she loves the qualities and the uncertainty of what will occur"
This image doesn't show how beautiful it really is. I have fixed the colour with a hot iron then washed out the crispy manutex, the colour has faded but it is still as lovely. I have to be honest I have not followed the steam method recommended but I will after I finish playing! ( Again another advantage of working at your own pace!)
I was so thrilled with the result from my first attempt I had to have ago again straight away. Due to the fact the screen had not dried out completely the layered effect I was after bled into each other. I dried with a hair dryer with a diffuser attached so the wet procion dye would not run (my 25 years hairdressing experience never lets me down!)

I screen printed this onto pre-printed vintage linen fabric and I love it......I am going to steam this to fix as I do not want the colour to fade during the wash process

A closer look

All the sessions are delivered within the first week of your course so you can re-visit and try at any time during the month. There are hints and tips you can print as reminders after the course is over....
I still have the flour paste to try.

I cannot recommend this way of learning highly enough.
   I am looking forward to experimenting more with colour, fabrics and techniques to make my own individual mark using this process.

Thank you

Jen x

Dionne Swift Facebook page

Hope Designs Facebook page